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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2010
Volume  110    No 2  
 • L. Z. Gevorgyan
   On the Minimal Norm of a Linear Operator Pencil
 • V. S Zakharyan, P. A. Matevosyan
    Aw*Class as Local Limited F Space
 • R. V. Dallakyan
   About the Zeros of Xl¥ Classes
 • V. Zh. Dumanyan
   On Solvability of Dirichlet Problem for the Second Order Elliptic Equation
 • S. L. Berberyan
   Some Uniqueness Theorems for Subharmonic Functions
 • S. A. Vagharshakyan
   On Prediction Problem
 • H. S. Avetisyan, G. E. Harutyunyan, V. A. Vardanian
   Minimal March Test Algorithms for Delection of All Realistic Two-Operation, Two-Cell Dynamic Faults from Subclasses Sav and Sva
 • A. G. Bagdoev, A. N. Martirosyan, A. S. Dinunts, A. V. Davtyan
   Investigation of the Problem of Closing of Crack in the Thermoelastic Media
 • L. A. Aghalovyan, M. Z. Sargsyan
   About Solution of the Three-Dimensional Mixed Dynamic Problem on Vibrations of the Ortotropic Plate, into Account the Internal Viscous Friction
 • K. O. Hovnanyan, H. H. Davtyan, Ch. A. Sargsyan, A. A. Trch?unian
   Nanostructures of Some Viruses, Bacterial and Protozoa Cells: Electronic Microscopy and Morphometric Ananlysis
 • S. S. Hovakimyan, G. A. Gevorgyan, H. M. Amirkhanyan, K. G. Karageuzyan
   Peculiarities of the Action of Ftormorphocain Preparation on the Different Sides of the Hemocoagulation Process
 • R. A. Petrosyan
   The Comparative Analyses of b-lipoprotein Levels in Patients with Familial Mediterranean Fever and Isolated Diseases of Gastrointestinal Tract
 • R. V. Fanarjyan
   The Role of Compensatory Capabilities Corrateral Blood Flow of Brain

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