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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2008
Volume  108    No 2  
 • J. Astola, E. A. Danielian, A. H. Arakelyan
   On Distance in Variation for Frequency Distributions Generated by Stable Laws
 • V. Zh. Dumanyan
   On the Behaviour Near the Boundary of Solution of the Dirichlet Problem for the General Second Order Elliptic Equation
 • A. R. Martirosyan, I. E. Danielyan
   Approximation of Critical Risks in Insurance Portfolios
 • S. A. Nigiyan, A. V. Nigiyan
   On Logical Interpretation of Nondeterministic Finite Automata
 • L. V. Hakobyan
   The Solution of Cyclotomic Equations within the Fiamework of Lianit Algebra
 • L. A. Movsisyan
   About Stability of Anisotropic Cylindrical Shell
 • S. A. Ambartsumian, M. V. Belubekyan
   On Problem of the Axial Stretch of Circular Cylindrical Shell
 • K. G. Karageuzyan, M. D. Safaryan, D. A. Harutyunyan, S. S. Hovakimyan
   Peculiarities of Structural-Functional and Quantitative Disorders of Phospholipids in Mechanisms of Formation of Hypoxic Syndrome under the Conditions of Lung Tissue Experimental Tuberculosis Inflamation
 • K. G. Karageuzyan, V. O. Topuzyan, S. S. Hovakimyan, R. G. Melik-Ohanjanyan
   Peculiar Action of Newly Synthesized Derivative of Gamma-Amminabutiric Acid on the Tissues Systems of Hemmacoagulation
 • K. V. Kazarian, V. Tz. Vantzian, A. S. Tirayan, R. R. Hakobyan, L. G. Simonyan
   The Dependence of Cat’s Ureteral Peribladder Zone on Renal Blood Supply

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