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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2013
Volume  113    No 4  
 • G. G. Gevorgyan, K. A. Keryan
   On a General Franklin Systems on R1
 • V. Hovhannisyan
   On a Representation of Classes Na(-1<a<0)
 • S. M. Vardanyan
   On All Possible Structures of Minimal n-Recognizing Systems in the Class of Two-Element Subsets Concerning the Operations of Intersection and Complement
 • H. V. Astsatryan, V. G. Sahakyan, Yu. H. Shoukourian
   Recent Developments of e-Science Infrastructures in Armenia
 • L. A. Movsisyan
   About Nonliniear Vibrations of Piezoelectric Cylindrical Panel
 • M. V. Belubekyan, V. G. Garakov
   Reflection of the Normal Falling Shear Electroelastic Wave from the Plane Boundary of the Two Piezoactive Media
 • S. A. Ambartsumian
   Membrane Micropolar Theory of Shells Made of Different Modulus Material
 • H. Kh. Avagyan, N. Kh. Alchujyan, N. H. Movsesyan, A. A. Aghababova
   L-arginine Metabolic Profile in the Mice Brain at Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma and Effects of Anticancer Therapy with Avirulent Strains of Escherichia coli: Nitric Oxide Synthase Report 2
 • S. S. Hovakimyan, H. M. Amirkhanyan, K.G. Karageuzyan, E.H. Chukhajyan
   Effect of Newly Synthesized Compounds on Some Parameters of the Coagulation System
 • I. A. Badalyan, A. S. Dilbaryan, M. A. Davtyan
   Amidation of Rat Brain Proteins During Hypoxia
 • M. E. Shirinyan
   The Influence of the Functional Parameters of Arterial Baroreflex Mechanism on the Characteristics of the Mathematical Model of Equilibrium Regulation in the Arterial Baroreceptor System

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