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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2013
Volume  113    No 2  
 • H. M. Hayrapetyan, L. V. Poghosyan
   Riemann-Hilbert Problem for Bitsadze Equation with Boundary Conditions from Measure Space
 • A. V. Poghosyan
   On Convergence Acceleration of Trigonometric Interpolation
 • R. V. Dallakyan
   About C-Height of w-Characteristics of Analytical in the Unit Circle Functions
 • L. H. Aslanyan, H. E. Danoyan
   Complexity of Elias Algorithm for Hash Functions Based on Hamming and Extended Hamming Codes
 • Sh. I. Alvajyan, L. M. Margaryan, S. H. Sargsyan
   Static and Dynamic Stability of Micropolar Orthotropic Elastic Thin Bars
 • G. G. Danagulyan, A. K. Tumanyan, A. P. Boyakhchyan
   Selective Deuterium Exchange of Protons of C-methyl Groups in Azine (Mono- and Bicyclic Pyrimidine) Systems
 • N. O. Geokchyan
   Diazin Raw Safranin “T” as a New Reagent for Determination Osmium (IV) by Extractions-Spectrophotometric Method
 • P. O. Vardevanyan, A. P. Antonyan, M. A. Shahinyan, L. A. Hambardzumyan
   Investigation of Binding of Methylene Blue to DNA by Spectroscopic Methods
 • M. K. Karageuzyan
   Disorders of Peroxide Formation Processes Dynamics in Whole Brain Homogenate of White Rats under the Zearalenon Intoxication and Normalizing Action of Superlow Concentrations of Double-Stranded RNA on this Background
 • M. T. Petrosyan, Y. N. Shcherbakova , Yu. G. Popov, A. H. Trchounian
   Isolated Culture of St.-John’s Wort Elongated (Hypericum Elongatum Ledeb.) as the Source of Biologically Active Compounds
 • M. H. Danielyan, V. A. Chavushyan
   Electrophysiological Study of Synaptic Activity of Central Noradrenaergic Neurons during Stimulation of Hypothalamic Nucleus in Model of Immobilization Stress
 • A. A. Savayan, V. A. Chavushyan, L. R. Gevorgyan, S. S. Abrahamyan
   Morphohistochemical and Electrophysiological Studies of Rats Brain Substantia Nigra Neurons after Ethanol Intoxication
 • L. R. Manvelyan, А. M. Nasoyan, D. O. Terzyan
   Synaptic Organization of the Vestibular Afferent Inputs in the Vestibular Nuclear Complex of Frogs

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