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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2012
Volume  112    No 1  
 • V. K. Leontev, G. L. Movsissyan, Zh. G. Margaryan
   Geometry of Additive Channels
 • V. A. Mirzoyan
   General Classification of Normally Flat -Semisymmetric Submanifolds
 • G. A. Sargsyan
   Solvability of the Dirichlet Problem for the Fourth Degree Equation and Consruction of the Solutions in a Disc
 • V. S. Zakarian, R. V. Dallakyan
   About Groth of Aap Classes Functions
 • M. K. Kyureghyan, S.Y. Abrahamyan
   A Method of Constructing Permutation Polynomials over Finite Fields
 • S. M. Vardanyan
   On the Minimality of Some Recognizing Systems in the Class of Two – Element Subsets Concerning the Operations of Intersection and Complement
 • S. A. Ambartsumian, M. V. Belubekyan
   Transversal Vibrations of the Perfect Conductive Plane Rectangular Membrane in the Longitudinal Magnetic Field
 • E. M. Kazaryan, N. G. Aghekyan, H. A. Sarkisyan
   A Single-Electron Current in a Cylindrical Nanolayer
 • A. E. Zagaryan, Z. A. Zagaryan, A. A. Trchounian
   Chemilumesnescent Analysis Different Methods in Evaluation of Lipoproteins Free Radical Superoxide Oxidation of Human Blood Serum during Different Pathological Processes Development in Organism
 • V.A. Ohanyan
   Combined Effects of Extremely High Frequency Electromagnetic Field and Antibiotics on Enterococcus Hirae Growth and Survival
 • A. A. Simonyan, I.H. Batikyan, A.S. Margayan
   The Adaptation Mechanisms of Chick Embryo at Variable Incubation Temperature
 • A. M. Badalyan
   Quantitative Changes of Blood Serum Proteins of White Mice Infected with Anthrax 55 Strain Under the Influence of Galarmin
 • K. I. Israelyan, P. A. Ghazaryan, R. Kh. Sahakyan, M. A. Simonyan
   Long-Term Effects of Ionizing Radiation and Regulatory Mechanisms in Cardiomyocytes
 • K. O. Hovnanyan, L. A. Navasardyan, M. K. Hovnanyan, A. A. Trchounian
   Ultrastructural Analysis of Volutin-Acidocalciumosomes Formation in Some Species of Bacteria, Spirochetes, Yeast and Protozoa during Morphogenesis and under Environment Different Factors Action

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