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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2011
Volume  111    No 2  
 • A. T. Apozyan
   On Rejection of GMd Conjecture
 • S. N. Manukian
   Classification of Many-Dimensional Arithmetical Sets Represented in M. Presburger’s System
 • S. H. Sargsyan
   Mathematical Models of Micropolar Thin Elastic Bars
 • L. A. Aghalovyan, G. L. Azatyan, R. S. Gevorgyan, H. M. Poghosyan
   On Asymptotic Solution of the Dynamic 3D Problem for Rectangular Piezoceramical Plate
 • K. B. Ghazaryan, D. G. Piliposyan
   Love Waves in a Structure with an Inhomogeneous Layer
 • R. M. Kirakosyan
   On a Refined Theory of Smooth Orthotrope Shells of Variable Thickness
 • A. K. Matevosyan
   Determination of Total Integral Amplitude-time Parameters of Induced Polarization on Results of Vector Survey
 • Ts. M. Avakyan, N. I. Mkrtchyan, N. V. Simonyan, G. E. Khachatryan
   The Research of Biological Action of the Electrons with the Energy of 7.5 MeV on the Cells of E. coli K-12 Bacteria Having Different Reparation Genotype
 • P. A. Ghazaryan, T. R. Panosyan, L. S. Sahakyan, T. V. Ghochikyan
   The Condition of Iontransport Enzimes System in Sarcoma-180 and after Application VAS-167 – 4-Butanolides Derivative
 • K. G. Karageuzyan, G. A. Hoveyan, G. A. Kevorkian, A. G. Hoveyan
   Intensity of Lipid Peroxidation Processes in Blood of White Rats under Conditions of Gangliosympathectomy, Vagotomy, Solarectomy
 • S.V. Grigoryan, A.Z. Adamyan, G.H. Minasyan
   Lithogeochemical Halos of Minor Elements as a Guide to Hydrocarbon Deposits
 • A. А. Sahakyan
   The Capital of Mtsourk and Historiographer Marab Mtsournatsi

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