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 ISSN 0321-1339
Reports - 2014
Volume  114    No 4  
 • V. Zh. Dumanyan
   On Solvability of the Dirichlet Problem for the Second-Order Elliptic Equation
 • R. M. Kirakosyan, S. P. Stepanyan
   Stability of the Rod in the Presence of Elastic Clamped Support
 • A. A. Ghukasyan
   On Kinematic Control of Elastic Two-Link Manipulator Clamp Motion
 • S. A. Hambardzumyan, S. H. Sargsyan
   Fundamental Equations of the Plane Problem of the Genetic Theory for Micropolar Materials and the Construction of Applied Genetic Bending Theory of Micropolar Beams
 • G. S. Hayrapetyan, N. S. Aslanyan, S. H. Sargsyan
   Bending of Micropolar Elastic Rectangular Plate
 • D. B. Hayrapetyan, T. V. Kotanjyan
   Mahnetoabsorption in a Cylindrical Quantum Dot with Morse Confining Potential
 • M. A. Davtyan, N. N. Hayrapetyan, M. H. Khachatryan, A. P. Grigoryan
   The Influence of Hypoxia on the Activity of Guanine Deaminase of the Rat’s Organs
 • S. S. Hovakimyan, H. M. Amirkhanyan, Sur. S. Hovakimyan, M. D. Safarian
   Calcium Precipitate Double-Stranded RNA Action on Lipid Metabolism and Lipid Peroxidation in Penital Tuberculosis
 • E. G. Afrikian, A. I. Ilin, A. K. Okasov
   Microbiological Control of Dangerous Infections Vectors

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