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 ISSN 0321-1339
Reports - 2014
Volume  114    No 1  
 • S. A. Nigiyan
   Arithmetical Functions with Indeterminate Values of Arguments. Computability and l-definability
 • S. H. Anisonyan
   About Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations, Not Resoluble With The Respect To The Highest Derivatives
 • R. K. Aleksanyan, V. H. Edoyan
   On Torsion of a Prismatic Rod Made of a Material with the Cylindrical Anisotropy
 • D. K. Gasparyan, K. B. Ghazaryan
   Coupled Waves in Piezoactive Electro-Magneto-Elastic Medium
 • A. K. Matevosyan
   Criterion of the Electrochemical Charging of Geoelectrical Medium
 • S. V. Grigoryan, R. A. Pashayan, L.V. Harutyunyan
   The Interconnection of Hydrogeochemical Parametres of Mineral Water of Central Armenia with Seismicity
 • M. A. Davtyan, N. N. Hayrapetyan, M. H. Khachatryan, A. P. Grigoryan
   Guanindeaminase and Guanosindeaminase in Different Biological Objects
 • P. A. Ghazaryan, G. M. Galoyan
   The Study of Transport ATPase Activity of Membranes of Erythrocytes and Hepatocytes in Sarcoma-45 and after Application Cyan Containing New Derivative of Lactones
 • G. S. Yeritsyan
   Change of Resistance Force to Rolling of Tires in Mountain Conditions of Exploitation and its Influence on Vehicle Ecological Compatibility
 • K. V. Kazaryan, N. G. Hunanyan, A. V. Mkrtchyan
   The Interaction between Pacemaker Activities of the Terminal Horn Areas in Non-Pregnant Rats
 • A. A. Sahakyan
   On the World-Perception and Source Study Method of the Historiographer Marab Mtsurnatsi (2nd century AD)

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