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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2021
Volume  121    No 2  
 • S. H. Sargsyan
   The Variation Principle of Reissner Type of Moment-Membrane Theory of Thin Shells
 • Ara S. Avetisyan, A. S. Shahinyan
   A Hybrid Control Problem for a Linear System with Constant Coefficients
 • M. V. Belubekyan, H. A. Gevorgyan
   The Divergence Problem of the Panel in a Supersonic Gas Flow with Transverse Shears Taken into Account
 • S. M. Mkhitaryan, A. V. Gasparyan, A. S. Sargsyan
   On the Precise Solution of Integral Equation of One Contact Problem of the Mathematical Theory of Elasticity
 • L. S. Hunanyan, R. G. Paronikyan, V. S. Ghamaryan, E. G. Paronikyan
   Molecular modeling of some new neurotropic nitrogen-containing drugs of the heterocyclic series
 • L. G. Niazyan
   Mosquito-Borne Diseases as a Public Health Threat in Modern Conditions of Armenia
 • H. O. Koloyan, S. V. Avetisyan, M. H. Paronyan, A. S. Hovsepyan
   Application of the argJ Gene of the Thermophilic Bacterium Geobacillus stearothermophilus
for the Construction of a Highly Active Arginine-Producing Strain
 • K. V. Kazaryan, T. A. Piliposyan, N. G. Hunanyan, R. G. Chibukhchyan
   Comparative Analysis of Spontaneous Electrical Activity of the Uterine Tubes in Rats
 • A. M. Hayrapetyan, H. H. Sonyan
   Morphological Peculiarities of Some Representatives of the Subfamily Salsoloideae (Chenopodiaceae)
in South Transcaucasia. II. Genera Girgensohnia Bunge ex Fenzl and Anabasis L
 • J. H. Hovakimyan
   Ecologo-Physiological Features of Some Rare Gypsophilous Plant Species of the Ararat Plain
 • N. H. Manaseryan, L. V. Balyan
   Avifauna of Ancient and Medieval Armenia

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