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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2018
Volume  118    No 1  
 • V. S. Zakaryan, S. L. Berberyan
   On the Chordal Limits of Potentials of the Green Type
 • S. H. Abelyan
   On the Effective Solution of the Dirichlet Problem in the Unit Disk
 • S. M. Sayadyan, A. A. Chubaryan
   On Some no Monotonous Property of Some Propositional Proof Systems of Classical Logic
 • G. E. Harutyunyan
   An Approach for Scheduling Parallel and Serial Testing of Embedded IP Cores in Nanoscale SoCs
 • V. M. Belubekyan, S. V. Sarkisyan
   Love Problem for a Half-Space with a Viscoelastic Coating
 • S. M. Mkhitaryan
   On the Stressed State of an Elastic Infinite Plate with a Finite Crack Interacting with an Absolutely Rigid Thin Inclusion
 • M. S. Grigoryan, S. M. Mkhitaryan
   On Contact Interaction of an Elastic Semi-Infinite Plate with Two Similar Stringers
 • K. A. Zhamakochyan
   Application of the Method of Power Series for the Construction of a Mathematical Model of Micropolar Elastic Thin Bars with Constrained Rotation
 • A.V. Gevorgyan
   Surface P-SV Waves on the Interface of Two Finite Conductive Semi-Spaces
 • G. Y. Baghdasaryan, E. H. Danoyan, M. A. Mikilyan
   Vibrations and Static Stability of Three-Layered Magnetostrictive Plates under the Action of Magnetic Field
 • G. Y. Baghdasaryan, E. H. Danoyan, M. A. Mikilyan
   Mathematical Modeling of Vibrations of Two-Layered Magnetostrictive Plate
 • R. H. Аlаnаkyаn
   Сhаrged Нiggs Bоsоns Prоductiоn in Leptоn-Antileptоn Collisions g

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