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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2009
Volume  109    No 1  
 • G. G. Hrachyan
   Fix-Point Combinators and the Main Semantics of Type-Free Functional Programs
 • S. A. Aleksanian
   Uniform and Tangential Approximation by Meromorphic Functions with Estimates of Their Growth
 • E. A. Danielian, G. P. Avagyan
   On Asymptotic Expansions of Regularly Varying Distributions
 • H. A. Babayan
   Optimal Control of an Aircraft Flying at Given Speed
 • D. I. Bardzokas, G. I. Sfyris
   Formulation of the State Equations for the Mixed Dynamic Problem of Elasticity for a Cracked Medium
 • G. V. Abaghyan
   Investigation of Mechanism of DNA Mechanical Destruction by ESR Method
 • V. Kh. Mamikonyan, H. M. Amirkhanyan, T. E. Seferyan, G. A. Gyulbudaghyan
   Correcting Action of Antioxidant Factor of Grape Seeds on Process of Peroxidation at Chronic Poisoning by Carbon Tetrachloride
 • M.M. Ghazanjyan, H.V Gasparyan., G.S. Mkrtchyan, V.O. Topuzyan
   Investigation of Regenerative Activity of the N1-phenyl-2-{5-oxo-2-phenyl-4-[(Z)-1-phenylmethylidene]-4,5-dihydro-1H-imidazolyl}acetamide under Conditions of Experimental Chemical Burnts
 • H. A. Movsesyan, N. Kh. Alchujyan, N. H. Movsisyan, G. A. Kevorkian
   Nitrergic System Activity and D-Glucose Uptake of Leucocyte Subpopulations and Bone Marrow of Rats Treated with Half-Conducted Laser and Red Light Diode in Clostridial Sepsis
 • K.O. Hovnanyan, A.H. Trchounian
   Ultrastructural Architectonics of Microorganisms Intracellular Interactions in Biofilms in vitro and in vivo
 • K. A. Panchulazian, A. G. Arakelian
   Non-Specific Reaction of the Organism to the Equivalent Levels of Acoustic Energy
 • L. E. Hambartsumyan
   Hypothalamic Control of Activity of Dieters' Lateral Vestibular Nucleus Neurons

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