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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2008
Volume  108    No 3  
 • K. A. Keryan
   About Boundedness of Projectors onto the Space of Periodic Splines of Order Three
 • M. A. Nalbandyan
   About Same Subsystems of the Wolsh's System
 • A. M. Jerbashian
   On Nevanlinna – Djrbashian Square Summable Classes
 • M. V. Belubekyan, S. R. Martirosyan
   On Coincidense in Flutter Problem of a Plate in a Supersonic Flow
 • S. L. Harutyunyan
   On the Theory of Multi-Photon Resonant Interaction of Strong Electromagnetic Wave with Semiconductors
 • Rub. T. Malkhasyan, I. A. Vardanyan
   Modelling and Analysis of Phenomenon of Negative Temperature Coefficient of Rate of Methane Oxidation Reaction
 • P. O. Vardevanyan, A. P. Antonyan, G. S. Sarkisyan, S. G. Haroutiunian
   Study of EtBr Interaction with DNA in the Presence of cis-DDP
 • G. V. Elbakyan, N. H. Movsesyan, N. Kh. Alchujyan, K. G. Karageusian
   Effect of Colchicine Therapy on Reactive Nitrogen Species Production by Blood Formed Elements of Patients with Familial Mediterranean Fever
 • L. P. Ter-Tadevosyan, L. V. Sarkissyan, I. A. Aslanyan, A. A. Galoyan
   Action of PRP-1 on the Activity of Some Phosphatases in Bone Marrow of White Rats Injured by Cyclophosphamide
 • A. A. Agababova, L. A. Avakyan
   On the Significance of Bacterial Translocation and its Role in Formation Symbiotic Relations with Microorganism
 • A. S. Akopyan, R. G. Kamalyan
   The Influence of the Hypocynezy on the Quantitative Changes of the Amino Acids and Cathecholamines in the Rat Organs and Blood
 • V. Kh. Mamikonyan
   The Functional Specificities of Newly Reviewed Substances with Antioxidant Activity from Seeds of Different Sorts of Grapes Cultivated in Armenia

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