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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2007
Volume  107    No 4  
 • E. A. Mirzakhanian, N. E. Mirzakhanian
   Alternative Definitions of Infinite-Dimensional Homotopic Groups of Subsets of Hilbert Space
 • A. H. Kamalyan
   Some Properties of Kernels of Toeplitz Operators
 • H. A. Babayan
   On Parametrical Representation of the Aircraft Flight Trajectories
 • A. Y. Sahakyan
   General Solution of the Higher Order Properly Elliptic Equation in Exterior of the Unit Disk
 • P. A. Matevosyan
   Theorems of Inclusion in the Spece A*w
 • S. A. Ambartsumian, M. V. Belubekyan, K. B. Ghazaryan
    Some Aspects of Space Elevator Ribbon Stress and Length Reduction
 • H. M. Arakelyan
   Effects Optical Irreversibility in Media with the Negative Component of the Dielectric Tensor
 • L. A. Vardanyan
   Polaronic Shift of Binding Energy of Excited Impurity States in the Electric Field in a Quantum Dot
 • Z. T. Karapetyan, H. H. Makaryan, A. A. Avetissyan
   New Lakton-Anisidines Synthesis
 • M. Sh. Muradyan, A. N. Yedigaryan, L. A. Sekhyan, A. A. Galoyan
   Effect of Hexapeptide on [35S] Taurine Uptake in White Rat Heart at Blockade of Adreno-, Choline- and Morfine-Like Receptors

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