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 ISSN 0321-1339
Reports - 2012
Volume  112    No 2  
 • V.S. Zakaryan, R.V. Dallakyan
   About the Bordering Meanings of the Aw Class Functions
 • V. A. Mirzoyan, G. S. Machkalyan, R. E. Chakhmakhchyan
   On Classification of Normally Flat Semiparallel Submanifolds in Euclidedan spaces
 • L. Nurbekyan, D.Gomes
   Lagrangian dynamics and a Weak KAM Theorem on the d - infinite Dimensional Torus
 • A. Yu. Shahverdian
   Minimal Lie Algebra, Fine Limits, and Dynamical Systems
 • A. A. Alexanian, A. V. Soghoyan
   On NP-completeness of Some Permutation Generation Problems
 • A. N. Martirosyan, A. S. Dinunts, A. V. Davtyan
   The Unsteady Problems on Healing of Crack Moving with Arbitrary Velocity
 • G. N. Gharajyan, A. M. Kechiantz , Zh. R. Panosyan
   Oscillating Processes and Their Bifurcations in the System of Plasma–Condensate with Feedbacks
 • A. M. Arustamyan, L. A. Manucharova, H.A. Jalali, I. A. Vardanyan
   Peculiarities of Heterogeneous Interaction of CH3O2 Radicals with Organic Compound Depending on the Surface Nature
 • G. K. Gevorgyan, M. A. Davtyan, A. A. Hambardzumyan
   Purification and properties of D-Amino-Acid Oxidase from Candida guilliermondii НП-4
 • A. G. Grigoryan
   Changes of Some Parameters of Natural Resistance in the Blood Serum of Rats and Calves during Prolonged Hypokinesia
 • S. A. Aghayan, G. A. Boyakhchyan
   Diversity and Prevalence of Avian Haemosporidian Parasites in Caucasus

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