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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2011
Volume  111    No 1  
 • S. L. Berberyan
   About Some Harmonic Functions Cluster Sets
 • A. G. Kamalyan, A. B. Nersessyan, I. G. Khachatryan
   L-Convolution Type Integral Operators on Half-Line
 • M. V. Belubekyan, S. R. Martirosyan
   On the Destabilizing Effect of Constructive Friction on the Stability of the Plate in Supersonic Flow and the Presence of Concentrated Inertial Moments on the Edges
 • M. A. Aginian, K. A. Ispirian, M. K. Ispiryan
   Kossel and Okorokov Effects Like Processes Produced by Ions in Crystalline Targets
 • L. P. Ter-Tatevosyan, L. V. Sargisyan, L. A. Yeranosyan, A. A. Galoyan
   New Data about the Existence of Hypothalamus – Bone Marrow Neurohumoral Axis. Participation of NPV in Regulation of Carbohydrate-Phosphorus Metabolism in Bone Marrow and Spleen
 • L. H. Tadevosyan
   The Influence of Doxorubicin on the Level and Activity of Rat Tissue Metalloproteins in vitro
 • K. G. Karageuzyan, G. A. Hoveyan, M. A. Badalyan, A. G. Hoveyan
   Changes of Phospholipids Composition of White Rat Brain and Liver Mitochondrial Fractions under Conditions of Gangliosympathectomy, Vagotomy, Solarectomy
 • P. A. Ghazaryan, S. S. Daghbashyan, A. A. Galoyan
   Membranous Aspects of Pathogenesis and Therapy at Limphoproliferative Diseases
 • A. A. Durgaryan
   Investigation of Direct Antibacterial Activity of Galramin and Analogues on Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria in vitro
 • A. A. Galoyan, S. L. Grigoryan, A. M. Badalyan, Kh. V. Badalyan
   Galarmin-d15 as Stimulater Immunogenecity of Anthrax
 • R. A. Petrosyan
   The Specific Characteristics of Cellular Immunity in Children with Familial Mediterranean Fever Depending on the Presence or Absence of Gastrointestinal Diseases
 • A. S. Chobanyan, T. C. Martirosyan, O. A. Mkrtchyan
   Computational Experiments with Synaptic Learning Model
 • Mohammad Shahandeh
   Effect of Prolonged Physical Exercises on Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Levels in the Hippocampus of Rat’s Subjected to the Influence of Lead Acetate

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