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EngArmRus NAS RA Reports No 2, 2007
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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2007
Volume  107    No 2  
 • L. Z. Gevorgyan
   On Some Ill Conditioned Operator Equations
 • A. M. Hovhannisyan
   First-Order Necessary Conditions for the Lagrange Problem with Infinite-Horizon
 • A. B. Nersessian
   Acceleration of Convergence of Eigenfunction Expansions
 • H. L. Margaryan, V. M. Aroutiounian, A. L. Kesoyan, G. Lopez
   On the Possibility of Carrying out a Remote Scientific Experiment in Real Time Mode with the Use of Internet
 • G. A. Babayan
   Multimeter Method of Estimating the Similarity of the Compared Frames of Speech Signal
 • V. S. Agababov
   On the Optimal Data Structure Selection for Tumor Representation for in vitro Cancer Simulation
 • A. G. Bagdoev, L. A. Movsisyan
   On the Problem of Propagation of Nonlinear Modulation Waves in Plate in Longitudinal Magnetic Field
 • M. V. Belubekyan, K. B. Ghazaryan, S. R. Martirosyan
   Damping Effects in Model Problems for Contilevered Beam with Follower Type Load
 • L. A. Aghalovyan, T. V. Zakaryan
   On the Asimptotic of Forced Vibrations of Orthotropic Strip
 • G. L. Azatyan
   Asimptotic Form of Forced Vibrations of Double-Layer Orthotropic Plate in Case of the Second Boundary Problem of the Theory of Elasticity at Presence of Viscous Resistance
 • Al. G. Alexanian
   On Shift of Energy of Optical Transitions in the Ansamble of Quantum Dots
 • P. O. Vardevanyan, R. A. Karapetyan, M. A. Shahinyan, A. P. Antonyan
   Competition of ErBr and Hoechst 33258 Binding with DNA
 • G. M. Simonyan, G. R. Aghamyan, M. A. Simonyan, A. A. Galoyan
   Effect of Amidated Analogue of Proline-Rich Polypeptide on Rat Tissues Metalloproteins Level and Activity in vitro and ex vivo

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