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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2008
Volume  108    No 1  
 • A. H. Kamalyan
   Indice Factorization of Matrix Functions
 • N. E. Tovmasyan, H. A. Babayan
   The Motion of the Aircraft with the Given Horizontal Speed and Optimal Control
 • A. Y. Sahakyan
   Dirichlet Problem for the 2n-Order Properly Elliptic Equations out of Circle
 • V. K. Leontev, G. L. Movsisyan
   On Connection Channels
 • Zh. G. Margaryan, A. R. Manukyan
   The Quantity of the Graph Triangles Due to the Sequence of Edges
 • M. A. Galdunts, S. G. Rafaelyan
   Interpolation and Basis of Some Systems of Entire Functions
 • V. Zh. Dumanyan
   On the Boundedness of Dirichlet's Weight Integral for Solution of the Dirichlet Problem for the Second Order Elliptic Equation
 • H. A. Grigoryan
   Equivalence of Processes in an Object-Oriented Environment
 • P. V. Galpchian
   The Stressed State of Compound Cylinder with Sector Cross-Section under Tangent Loadings
 • N. H. Adamyan
   Non-Classical State Preparation by Conditional Measurement
 • P. O. Vardevanyan, A. P. Antonyan, K. V. Pirumyan, L. A. Tavadyan
   The Stady of Ethidium Bromide Interaction with DNA by Spectral and Electochemical Methods
 • A. M. Sedrakyan, Z. U. Gevorgyan, K. A. Arakelova, Zh. A. Ktsoyan
   Study of Gut Microflora of Patients with Salmonellosis

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