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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2017
Volume  117    No 2  
 • F. A. Talalyan
   On a Theorem about Subseries of Divergent Numerical Series
 • V. A. Mirzoyan, G. S. Machkalyan
   The Geometry of One Class of Ric-Semisymmetric Submanifolds of Arbitrary Codimension in Euclidean Spaces
 • V. Leontiev, G. Movsisyan, Zh. Margaryan
    On Addition of Sets in Boolean Space
 • A. S. Avetisyan, V. V. Avetisyan
   On the Formulation of a Limited Control of Electromechanical System
 • S. A. Ambartsumian, M.V. Belubekyan
   On the Electromagnetoelasticity Problem of the Body with “Orthotropic” Electroconductivity
 • H. A. Matevossian
   On the Dirichlet–Robin Problem for the Elasticity System
 • A. H. Sargsyan, S. H. Sargsyan, L. I. Manevich, S. A. Timan
   Model of Orthotropic Thin Plate with Constrained Rotation by Moment Theory and with Application for Polymer Materials
 • D. A. Osipyan, H. H. Matevosyan, H. S. Aroyan
   Building Hybrid PIC-Simulation Codes
 • I. A.Vardanyan
   On the Mechanism of Radical Initiation of Acetaldehyde-Oxygen Mixtures Ignition at Room Temperature
 • S. H. Sargsyan, K. S. Margaryan, A. S. Sargsyan
   Synthesis of Copper Containing Nanocomposite Polymer Coating Based on 1-Vinil-1,2,4- Triazole and N-Vinylpyrrolidone
 • K. V. Kazaryan, R. G. Chibukhchyan, H. KhMkrtchyan
   Interrelation Between Spontaneous Activity of the Bladder and Rhythmogenesis of Organs Bordering with It

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