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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2016
Volume  116    No 1  
 • V. S. Zakaryan, R. V. Dallakyan, I. V. Hovhannisyan
   On the Boundary Values of the Product Ba
 • A. R. Nazaryan
   Normally Flat Ricci-Semisymmetric Submanifolds of Codimention Two with Unity Indexes of Regularity and Singularity
 • S. P. Stepanyan
   Thermo-Elasticity Problem of an Orthotropic Plate-Strip of Variable Thickness at the Presence of an Elastically Fastened Support
 • S. H. Sargsyan, M. V. Khachatryan
   Mathematical Model of Elastic Plane Curve Beam (Circular) with Consideration of Shear Deformations on the Basis of the Classical Theory of Elasticity
 • S. A. Ambartsumian, M. V. Belubekyan, K. B. Ghazaryan
   Stresses in a Tapered Space Elevator Tube
 • A. Y. Tonoyan
   Theoretical Investigation of 41K States Behavior under Strong Magnetic Field and p Polarized Laser Field
 • K. H. Aharonyan, N. B. Margaryan
   Binding Energy of the One-Sided Dielectrically Enhanced Screened Exciton in Semiconductor Quantum Well
 • G. N. Sargsyan
   Quantum-Chemical Explanation and Modeling of Mechanism of Unimolecular Decay of Organic Compounds under Thermal Activation. Calculation of the Constant of Rate of Vinyl Ethers 2
 • K. V. Kazaryan, Sh. G. Margaryan
   Comparative Analysis of the Characteristics of Spontaneous Electrical Activity in Various Organs of the Urinary Tract
 • L. R. Manvelyan, A. M. Nasoyan, D. O. Terzyan, A. V. Margaryan
   Neuronal Mechanisms of the Cerebello-Reticular Projection System in Frog

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