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 ISSN 0321-1339
 - 2017
Volume  117    No 3  
 • V. G. Mikayelyan
   Gibbs Phenomenon for Stromberg Systems
 • A. H. Babayan, M. H. Mohammadi
   On a Dirichlet Problem for One Properly Elliptic Equation in the Unit Disk
 • V. A. Mirzoyan
   Normally Flat Ricci-Semisymmetric Submanifolds of Codimention Two in Euclidean Spaces
 • A. H. Sargsyan, S. H. Sargsyan, L. I. Manevich, S. A. Timan
   Applied Theory of Bending Deformation of an Elastic Thin Bar Based on Moment Theory with Constrained Rotation and Its Application to Polymers
 • M. E. Veysman, N. E. Andreev, H. H. Matevosyan, H. S. Haroyan
   Wide-Range Permittivity of the Collisional Plasma with an Arbitrary Ionic Charge
 • L. A.Agalovyan, L. A. Hakhverdyan, R. A Pashayan, L.V. Harutyunyan
   Results of Measurement of Tiles and Deformations of the Earth Surface in the Garni Geophysical Observatory
 • N. M. Poghosyan, S. D. Arsentev, V. S. Arutyunov, L. A. Tavadyan
   The Conjugated Oxidation of Light Hydrocarbons as a Source of Propylene and Higher Olefines Production
 • J. I. Akopian, L. S. Nersesova, M. S. Petrosyan, M. G. Gazaryants
   Ca-modified Double-Stranded RNA as a Radioprotective Agent
 • S. H. Ghazaryan, H. M. Stepanyan, R.V. Paronikyan,K. P. Grigoryan
   Antibacterial Activity of Lithium Salts of Some Salicilidene Amino Acids
 • L. V. Danielyan, H. G. Hovhannisyan
   Probiotic Properties of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Human Milk
 • N. P. Stepanyan-Gandilyan
   New Data on the Geographical Distribution of Some Species of the Armenian Flora

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