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NAS RA is a highest state scientific self-governing organization which unites NAS Members and scientific staff of affiliated scientific and research institutions. The Academy promotes and carries out fundamental and applied research in different scientific fields, as well as coordinates research carried out throughout Armenia.

NAS RA has five scientific divisions on particular areas of science:

  • Division of Mathematical and Technical Sciences
  • Division of Physics and Astrophysics
  • Division of Natural Sciences
  • Division of Chemistry and Earth Sciences
  • Division of Armenology and Social Sciences


  • Reports of NAS RA - Editor-in-Chief acad. R.M. Martirosyan
  • Proceedings of NAS RA and NPUA (series of technical sciences) - Editor-in-Chief corr.-member V. Melikyan
  • Proceedings of NAS RA. Mathematics - Editor-in-Chief corr.-member A. Sahakyan
  • Proceedings of NAS RA. Mechanics - Editor-in-Chief DSc (phys.-math.) V. Hakobyan
  • Mathematical Problems of Computer Science - Editor-in-Chief acad. Yu. Shoukourian
  • Armenian Journal of Mathemathics - Editor-in-Chief acad. A. Nersisyan
  • Astrophysics - Editor-in-Chief DSc (phys.-math.) A. Nikoghosyan
  • Proceedings of NAS RA. Physics - Editor-in-Chief acad. V. Aroutiounian
  • Armenian Journal of Physics - Editor-in-Chief acad. V. Aroutiounian
  • Biological Journal of Armenia - Editor-in-Chief corr.-member E. Gevorgyan
  • Neurochemistry - Editor-in-Chief DSc (biol.) M. Aghajanov
  • Medical Science of Armenia - Editor-in-Chief corr.-member A. Shoukourian
  • Electronic Journal of Natural Sciences - Editor-in-Chief acad. A. Shahinyan
  • Chemical Journal of Armenia - Editor-in-Chief acad. A. Saghyan
  • Proceedings of NAS RA. Earth Sciences - Editor-in-Chief corr. member R. Melkonyan
  • Bulletin of Social Sciences - Editor-in-Chief corr. member P. Avetisyan
  • Historical-Philological Journal - Editor-in-Chief DSc (philological) A. Zakaryan
  • Journal of Armenian Studies - Editor-in-Chief corr.member A. Kharatyan
  • Electronic journal "Fundamental Armenology" (in English) - Editor-in-Chief DSc (hist.) A. Kosyan
  • Newspaper "Gitutyun" - Editor-in-Chief A. Ter-Gabrielyan
  • In the World of Science - Editor-in-Chief corr.-member A. Kirakossyan

"Reports of NAS RA" is founded in 1944. Published quarterly.

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