L. M. Hovsepyan, academician K. G. Karageuzyan, A. V. Melkumyan, G. V. Zakharyan

Cooperation Between of Lipid Peroxidation and Oxidative Phosphorylation
in the Brain Mitokhordial Fraction under the Conditions of Hypoxia

   It was shown that processes of oxidative phosphorylation and peroxidation of lipids as well as the quantitative changes of cytochrom contents under the conditions of experimental hypoxia are accompanied by the significant abnormalities. The data obtained have demonstrated that abnormalities mentioned are charactezed by activation of free radical peroxidation reactions, by the lowering of the cytochromes quality and by the depression of the intensity of phosphorilation reactions.
   These results spray the light on the modern understandings of pathogenetical mechanisms, which are under lying in the base of hypoxia.