L. P. Ter-Tadevosian, L. V. Sarkissian, I. G. Aslanian, Academician A. A. Galoyan

Effect of PRP-1 on Activity of Some Phosphates in Rat Bone Marrow in Control
and in Stimulation of Hypothalamic Nuclei (NPV and NSO)

   The purpose of the current study was in vitro the determination effect of different dosages of PRP-1 on some enzymes of carbohydrate - phosphate metabolism in rat bone marrow as well as the effect of stimulation of hypothalamic nuclei on above-mentioned enzymes. The dependency of different concentration of PRP-1 was revealed; decrease activity of alkaline phosphates (4500-3000 E) in addition to dosage 1g; slight increase of enzymatic activity of acid phosphates (1 and 1.5g) and sharp activation of inorganic pyrophosphates at PRP-1 concentration 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, and 5.0g have been noted. Especially there is of interest the 3-time increase of activity of acid phosphates compared to control in rats after stimulation. An Alkaline phosphate was mare stable to this physiological action. Inorganic phosphates revealed full resistance.