M. Z. Petrosyan, N. B. Knyazyan, academician K. A. Kostanyan

Glassformation, Structural Features and Electrical Conductivity of Glasses
of System
V2O5 - B2O3 - BaF2

   It is investigated the glassforming and products of compulsory cristallization of system V2O5 - B2O3 - BaF2. The methods of differential thermal and rentgen analises investigate the changes of liqvidus temperature, area of cristallisation of the synthesized glasses, and mixture of cristal phases.
   It is revealed that at increase in concentration BaF2 there is an embedoling of ions transitive metals (V5+, V4+) in glassforming network, and caracter of change of electric properites it is defined mainly by ratio V5+/V4+.
   The question on a coordination condition of ions of a pine forest and vanadium in a grid of a glass is considered.
   On a basis of electrocommunication and on a process of activation energy, the assumption of electronic mechanizm of communication glasses is made.