H. R. Vardanyan, G. M. Simonyan, academician K. G. Karageuzyan, M. A. Simonyan

The Preparation of Antioxidative Activity Fraction from Garden Mollusk Hellix
Protein-gland and its Influence on the Endogenous level of rat Blood Metalloproteins at
Alloxan-induced Diabetes

   By the our elaborated method we have prepared an antioxidative activity fraction (AFF) from garden-mollusk Helix, using ion-exchanging chromatography of the glands' homogenate supernatant.
   The intraperitoneal AFF injection (1 ml) to the alloxan -induced rats (7 times every 3-d day) does not couse the regulation of the endogenous level of anti- and prooxidative activity mtalloproteins (MP). However, after a 12 day' break, the resumption of the AFF injection ( 4 times every 3-d days) on the whole brings these level of MP to the comtrol data, decreasing the stressor state of the organisms.