R. Kh. Sahakyan, P. A. Ghazaryan, academician A. A. Avetissyan, M. A. Simonyan

Superoxide Dismutase-mimetic Activity of the Compound VAS-167 and
its Influence on the Blood's Metalloproteins in vitro

   The compound VAS-167 (the derivative of 4-butanoloide) possesses SOD-mimetic activity (3.10.06%, p<0.03, n=8). The VAS-167 doesn't change the optico-spectral indices of the antioxidative activity metalloproteins (ceruloplasmin, transferrin and Cu,Zn-SOD) and prooxidative activity metalloproteins (cytochrome b558III, and suprol), after its incubation during 3 days at 40 in vitro. VAS - 167 slightly decreases the metHb-reducing activity of cyt b558III and catalases activity, doesn't affect the O2- - producing activity of cyt b558 III and suprol. VAS -167 is not activated under the influence of H2O2. Thus, the VAS-167 in most cases doesn't degradate the above-mentioned metalloproteins and has antioxidative activity.