Academician K. G. Karageuzyan, A. S. Margaryan, L. M. Hovsepyan, A. A. Simonyan

Regulation of Qualitative and Quantitative Composition of Pathological Changes at
Phospholipids White Rats Brain by Sodium Thiosulfate and
a-Tocopherol with
CCl4-Induced Liver Cirrhosis

   Changes of qualitative and quantitative composition of white rats brain acid and neutral phospholipids (PL) at CCl4-induced liver cirrhosis and influence of sodium thiosulfate and a-tocopherol at this pathology have been investigated. We showed that the amount of lysophosphatidylcholine considerably increases in brain accompaned by the decrease of phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylethanolamine contents. Under the same experimental condition the effect of injected sodium thiosulfate and a-tocopherol to animals showed pathological deviations of the investigated PL with a tendency to normalization.