A. A. Sahakyan

The Cult Concept of Yervand's Capital Founding According to Movses Khorenatsi
(Yervandakert, Draskhanakert, 3rd - 2nd centuries BC)

   There are some textual contradictions in chapters 39-42 of the 2nd book of Movses Khorenatsi's "History of Armenia", which describe King Yervand's four constructions. These contradictions have induced archaeologists to search for two different Yervand's cities and to differentiate Bagaran from Draskhanakert. Textual and cultural study shows that King Yervand followed a general program when founding and naming the two capitals - one as a secular center (Yervandakert - Yervandashat), the other as a sacral one (Draskhanakert - Bagaran).