Academician V. V. Dovlatyan, K. A. Eliazyan, V. A. Pivazyan, A. P. Engoyan

The Reactions of Chloride (2-methilmercapto-6-methylpyrimidinyl-4)
trimethyl-ammonia with

   With the interaction of chloride (2-methylmercapto-6-methylpyrimidinyl-4) ammonia with O-noucleophyles it has been obtained the 4-cyanomethyloxy (b-oxyethyloxy, b-chloroethyloxy) pyrimidines and then their some transformations have been realized. In the result it has been obtained corresponding pyrimidinyl-4-oxyacetic acid, their methyl ester, hydrazide and azide. It is shown that 4-b-chloroethoxy derivative in boiling benzene is reargementing with the formation of N(3)-b-chloroethyl derivative